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Company: Mad Man Inc. Partner: Maxx and More  Launch Date: circa 2002 Site Listed: 09/6/05
Fully Clothed Pissing
Needs Work

Fully Clothed Pissing is about sexy girls showered in piss while still dressed. This site contains exclusive, regularly updated content with network access, although this particular site still isn't huge and the price tag is at the high end.

Genre: Watersports Secondary:

Fully Clothed Pissing Review Score Breakdown

Facts about Fully Clothed Pissing's member area as they become available (Site facts were updated:10/13/2006.) Review scores on the right are based on how the site ranks compared to all other paysites in the database and is subject to change.

Photography Rating Pictures Details 42
Pictures: 143 galleries (100 per set) 7 / 10
Photo Resolution: Unknown UR
Photo Quality†7 / 10
Video Rating Videos details 64.05
Videos: 135 video clips (8 minutes per video) 3.15 / 10
Windows Media Video(WMV) 1000K 480x360 MPG/mpeg 900K 480x360  
Max Resolution : 480x360 7.33 / 10
Top Bitrate: 1000 kb/s 7.14 / 10
Video Quality†8 / 10
Bang for Your Buck62.3
Exclusive†10 / 10
Updates†7 / 10
Monthly Price6.58 / 10
Graphics / Design†7 / 10
FINAL SCORE (Estimate)57.51

†These scores are approximates or subjective and reflect the opinion of the reviewer. They should not be taken as an accurate measure of a given criteria.

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ZIP Files: Multi-rez: Model Directory:  
Downloads:Streams:Full Scenes:Multi-Bandwidth:
The movie clips inside this site is not DRM protected.

Pop-ups: no

Other features: News, store
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Review Status: (unassigned) There's currently no plans to write a full review of Fully Clothed Pissing.

Pros: Large number of pics; nice-looking site; nice video resolution; exclusive water sports content; nice video bitrate; decent update schedule; good quality pics.

Cons: Minuscule number of vids; no multi bandwidth video options; mediocre monthly price.

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