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Extreme object insertion sites show girls shoving huge cucumbers and baseball bats into their pussies while plunging their asshole with anal probes.


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Last updated 05/16/2009

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Open Air PleasuresListed: 02/7/06 Open Air Pleasures 58.03 Estimate Paysite

Horny hiker honeys indulge in hot pussy plays in the woods or at a lake side... Open Air Pleasures has some good-looking content and its updated consistently, but the site is overpriced for the amount...
Genre: Public nudity, Extreme object insertion, Sex toys
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: 21 Sextury Cash

Extreme Fine ArtListed: 02/1/06 Extreme Fine Art 56.93 Estimate Paysite

Extreme Fine Art's stylish non-corporate design and exclusive anal object insertions content goes a long way. If you dig arty website design but crave hardcore anal porn as well, this porn site is right...
Genre: Anal sex, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $19.95Sponsor:

Screaming OListed: 12/15/05 Screaming O 56.63 Estimate Paysite [9 bonus sites]

Screaming O - Step into a world of the most erotic females experiencing divine multiple orgasms! You'll find nothing but the hottest women fulfilling their wildest fantasies all by themselves. We simply give...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Trial $9.95Monthly $24.95Sponsor: New Sensations Cash

Deep In HerListed: 03/29/06 Deep In Her 56.40 Estimate Paysite

Have a close look at the sluttiest babes as they drill into their tiny pussies with massive dildos... Deep in Her from Hundies is a masturbation porn site featuring a line-up of hot European babes sticking...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Trial $2.95Monthly $24.88Sponsor: Hundies

Tushy SchoolListed: 01/31/06 Tushy School 55.55 Estimate Paysite

Full instructional lessons for girls who want to learn about the pleasures of anal insertions. Many of the girls enrolled in Tushy School want to learn how to enjoy taking large insertions...
Genre: Extreme object insertion, Lesbian sex, Anal sex
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $69.95Sponsor: Tushy Cash / Tushy School

Brutal DildosListed: 01/31/06 Brutal Dildos 55.20 Estimate Paysite

Brutal Dildos' slapped-together site design won't impress the hell out of you, but the exclusive monster dildo fuck content and good looking videos plus a pretty decent sized video archive is hard to argue...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Fetish
Monthly $29.99Multi-Month $99.99Sponsor: Brutal Bucks

Spread it WideListed: 12/28/05 Spread it Wide 54.38 Estimate Paysite

These girls inside Spread it Wide just love to show off everything they have to offer. If you want to see Exclusive solo girls, masturbating, using dildos,shaving, and getting themselves off for you than we...
Genre: Extreme object insertion
Monthly $19.95Sponsor: Oral Cash

Sexy Solo SlutsListed: 12/29/05 Sexy Solo Sluts 53.86 Estimate Paysite [2 bonus sites]

Want to see hot pornstars and teens get themselves off? You've come to the right place! Watch lots of the hottest girls around rubbing the muff and masturbating right in front of you. These sexy solo...
Genre: Extreme object insertion, Sex toys, Amateur sex [3 promo galleries]
Trial $4.86Monthly $24.86Sponsor: Wild West Cash

Girls and FingersListed: 01/31/06 Girls and Fingers 53.80 Estimate Paysite

Female Masturbation at it's best! claims Girls and Fingers, which offers exclusive pussy finger fucking content featuring European hotties like Jessica and Avery. Their videos look crisp and plays...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion [8 promo galleries]
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $99.99Sponsor: Girls and Fingers Partners

Cum BotsListed: 03/29/06 Cum Bots 52.37 Estimate Paysite

Most of them don't know what to expect when they show up to be fucked by a machine. Cum Bots is a fucking machines porn site from XXX Cum Cash where you see hardened girls like Cindy Crawford, Tory Laine, and...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Bizarre extreme
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $54.95Sponsor: XXX Cum Cash

Chicks and ToysListed: 10/12/05 Chicks and Toys 51.94 Estimate Paysite [5 bonus sites]

Chicks and Toys is about wet European pussies filled with big toys. You're talking gorgeous chicks in mostly solo / girl+girl situations, which is perfect for softcore lovers. This site from Yetis Cash is...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion [13 promo galleries]
Trial $2.95Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Yetis Cash

Strapon AllListed: 02/8/06 Strapon All 51.33 Estimate Paysite

Strapon All is a fetish bondage porn site with loads of average quality content, a small percentage of exclusive stuff and padded by a good amount of third party content. This site shares its content with...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Trial $3.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Cash Temptation

StraponListed: 02/10/06 Strapon 50.22 Estimate Paysite

Strapon is probably Strapon Cash's best site in its line-up with at least a decent amount of content in the members area, but their video quality is nothing to write home about (not that you'd write home about a...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $64.95Sponsor: Strapon Cash

Toy LesbianListed: 02/1/06 Toy Lesbian 49.54 Estimate Paysite [1 bonus sites]

Lesbian sex! Yep, lesbians just know how to have orgasmic sex.. being women they know exactly how to give another pussy earth-shattering orgasms. Wouldn't you love to have a lesbian couple in bed?
Genre: Sex toys, Lesbian sex, Extreme object insertion [10 promo galleries]
Trial $10.00Monthly $27.95Sponsor: Toy Revenue

Fucking RobotsListed: 03/29/06 Fucking Robots 48.58 Estimate Paysite

Our fucking robots never get tired, they just keep on pounding those tight, wet pussies, until they explode and leave our poor girls shaking! Fucking Robots is a small fucking machine site from Massive...
Genre: Extreme object insertion, Fetish
Trial $9.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Massive Dollars

Ladies TricksListed: 12/29/05 Ladies Tricks 48.53 Estimate Paysite [1 bonus sites]

Exclusive content inside Ladies Tricks with an orginal concept about guys getting drilled by girls with toys is a rare treat, but the site is just too tiny and without frequent updates it's hard to...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: Royal Cash

Fisting LessonsListed: 02/11/06 Fisting Lessons 46.85 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

We'd like to introduce you to all of our ORIGINAL models who were once sweet and innocent but were taught a FISTING LESSON by the dirtiest fuckmaster of all - Steve Sweet. Watch him turn these naive...
Genre: Fisting, Extreme object insertion, Bizarre extreme
Trial $5.95Monthly $34.95Sponsor: Sweet Money

Not ChicListed: 09/15/05 Not Chic 45.38 Estimate Paysite

Not Chic is John B. Root's response to his Explicite members' overwhelming requests for harder-edged, fetish material.
Genre: Fetish, Bizarre extreme, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $24.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Reboot Cash

Max FistingListed: 03/29/06 Max Fisting 44.63 Estimate Paysite

Max Fisting promises thousands of fist fucking photos and over 125,000 hardcore videos. The members area does contain a few thousand pics, but the 125,000 vids promise is misleading, because its really...
Genre: Fisting, Extreme object insertion, Bizarre extreme
Trial $9.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Massive Dollars

Grrl ToolsListed: 02/13/06 Grrl Tools 44.33 Estimate Paysite [7 bonus sites]

Welcome to the sexiest, educational and consumer sex toy testing center in the world! Girl Tools tests the latest in sex toys and products in our state-of-the-art labs in the back room of the Rosebud Bar. ...
Genre: Lesbian sex, Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $20.00Multi-Month $45.00Sponsor: Cyber Dyke Cash

Pure AbuseListed: 02/13/06 Pure Abuse 44.22 Estimate Paysite

See the hottest girls ass fucking guys with huge strap-on dildos! Pure Abuse has some decent looking videos but the bulk of the members area is made up of third party content and update schedule isn't clear.
Genre: Anal sex, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: Lotza Dollars

Dildo AddictedListed: 02/11/06 Dildo Addicted 44.15 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

We all need a big dildo to keep our juicy pussies fully satisfied! Please come on in and take a seat. Our daily show is about to begin. Dildo Addicted is your standard toy porn collection built for guys...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: Jovi Cash

Active ToysListed: 02/9/06 Active Toys 43.32 Estimate Paysite [7 bonus sites]

Watch these depraved girls stuffing all their holes with anything that they can find! They look for satisfaction! This teen object insertion porn site has a moderate amount of exclusive content, though the...
Genre: Sex toys, Fetish, Extreme object insertion
Trial $3.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Uni-Cash

Banging MachinesListed: 01/4/06 Banging Machines 41.45 Estimate Paysite

Banging Machines is about super hot babes riding giant banging machines...carefully filmed in high quality and downloadable for your enjoyment! This is another Platinum Bucks site with very little...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Trial $1.00Monthly $39.73Sponsor: Platinum Bucks

Sick InsertionsListed: 01/26/06 Sick Insertions 41.36 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

Sick Insertions is a small fetish site featuring some sick object insertions action showing amateur chicks doing some crazy things with their pussies like opening her pussy with a can opener.
Genre: Extreme object insertion
Trial $4.95Monthly $34.95Sponsor: Extreme Paychecks

Solo GirlsListed: 01/30/06 Solo Girls 39.53 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

These self-help babes won't bust a nut wanking off, but they sure know how to get off using the all-too-popular velvet touch clit licker or plugging their rear ends with anal beads. Solo Girls is a...
Genre: Extreme object insertion, Adult movies
Trial $1.85Monthly $29.99Sponsor: Silver Cash

Speculum PlaysListed: 02/7/06 Speculum Plays 39.50 Estimate Paysite

Speculum Plays promises top-notch babes in kinky speculum insertion plays, real cervix close-ups. This is another one of 21 Sextury's new offerings with a small members area that's begging for a price...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: 21 Sextury Cash

Thrusting LadiesListed: 10/5/05 Thrusting Ladies 39.31 Estimate Paysite

England's premier strap on fetishist Denise welcomes you to her unique world of pleasure, toys and raw excitement! Thrusting Ladies contains a decent amount of unique, decent quality amateur object...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Fetish
Monthly $19.95Multi-Month $45.99Sponsor: Ad Web Cash

Machine MaidensListed: 02/9/06 Machine Maidens 35.86 Estimate Paysite

Machine Maidens offer good-looking exclusive videos showing fucking machines pumping away at hot models' pussies. Unfortunately, the site takes forever to load, not to mention their puny, infrequently...
Genre: Sex toys, Adult movies, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Machine Maidens Partners

Arse ShaftersListed: 03/29/06 Arse Shafters 35.20 Estimate Paysite

This site is about one thing... Smoking hot girls taking it in the ARSE! We are very proud to bring you our home made collection of sexy young bitches in HIGH RESOLUTION VIDEO. Arse Shafters is an small...
Genre: Anal sex, Extreme object insertion
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Hardcore StraponListed: 10/6/05 Hardcore Strapon 34.54 Estimate Paysite

Hardcore Strapon promises 450,000 videos and 700,000 hi rez pics of Brittany Andrews violating women's pussies with a huge realistic strapon, but contains only medium-quality 26 galleries, 33...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Trial $3.95Monthly $29.21Sponsor: Adult Lounge

Rather ExtremeListed: 02/9/06 Rather Extreme 34.34 Estimate Paysite

Rather Extreme is the only genuine porn site from Unreal Bank (the rest are clones). There's plenty of porn inside the members area but quality is lacking and all of their content is non-exclusive.
Genre: Bizarre extreme, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $57.95Sponsor: Unreal Bank

Babes BangingListed: 02/10/06 Babes Banging 34.10 Estimate Paysite

Emerald gives Steve the ultimate anal treatment he deserves! Watch as she makes him worship her big black cock! Babes Banging has just a few video clips inside, and quality is passable at best.
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Fetish
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Strapon Cash

Maniac MachinesListed: 02/10/06 Maniac Machines 33.20 Estimate Paysite [5 bonus sites]

Welcome! You've found the evil pleasure laboratory of moussier fou! Rejected by the world as insane for his sex inventions, Mr. Fou formed an underground following of women who love to fuck Maniac...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Bizarre extreme
Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Explosive Cash

Babes Balling BoysListed: 02/10/06 Babes Balling Boys 32.97 Estimate Paysite

Babes Balling Boys is a cookie-cutter porn site with barely anything inside except third-party content. Promises of 100% full-length DVD quality movies and thousands of crisp explicit photos is so far...
Genre: Female domination, Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Strapon Cash

Don's Naughty ModelsListed: 03/29/06 Don's Naughty Models 29.38 Estimate Paysite [4 bonus sites]

Don's Naughty Models is a medium-sized amateur porn site with a collection of over 20 girl-next-doors posing nude for the camera. Besides 100% original content shot by Don himself, the site promises...
Genre: Sex toys, Amateur sex, Extreme object insertion
Trial $9.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Monkey Spanking Cash

Innocent RoomsListed: 02/11/06 Innocent Rooms 28.77 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

Welcome to Innocent Rooms. Now you can watch me undress and masturbate in private and only in my room.
Genre: Teen sex, Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: Jovi Cash

Taboo InsertionsListed: 01/30/06 Taboo Insertions 27.55 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

In the adult biz, when a site like Taboo Insertions makes you think you get to see baseball bats, fruits, corn, beer bottles and all that crap up a chick's asshole or twat, but instead just feeds you a...
Genre: Extreme object insertion
Trial $1.85Monthly $29.99Sponsor: Silver Cash

Girl-e-GirlsListed: 02/21/06 Girl-e-Girls 25.10 Estimate Paysite

Girl-e-Girls is an anal object insertions porn site with a French twist. You'll see girls sticking corn or beer bottles into their asshole in big size pics to give you a close-up view of the action.
Genre: Extreme object insertion, Bizarre extreme, Fetish
Monthly $19.95Sponsor:

Dildo DippersListed: 01/28/06 Dildo Dippers 22.96 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

These sluts really love their toys! If you're looking for cheap access to loads of generic pics showing girls grind their pussies with big toys, Dildo Dippers will do you justice. Just don't expect to find...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Trial $1.85Monthly $29.99Sponsor: Silver Cash

Video MasturbationListed: 02/9/06 Video Masturbation 17.23 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

The girls no longer need men or simply got enough of their brutal manner of fucking. Masturbation is the key to their dreamlike satisfaction! If the ugly tour doesn't turn you off, the lack of pics...
Genre: Adult movies, Extreme object insertion, Sex toys
Trial $8.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Movie Partnership

Toys in ChicksListed: 02/18/06 Toys in Chicks 16.21 Estimate Paysite [9 bonus sites]

Toys in Chicks is the home of the best self-service chicks and teens with sex toys in their tight pussies.
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion
Multi-Month $5.95Monthly $34.95Sponsor: Sextronix

Kick Ass Pussy PumpListed: 07/26/05 Kick Ass Pussy Pump 15.31 Estimate Paysite

Kick Ass Pussy Pump is dedicated to videos featuring women who like to pump their pussy with all sorts of toys.
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Adult movies
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: Kick Ass Cash

Object FreaksListed: 02/9/06 Object Freaks 13.99 Estimate Paysite

Web's most extreme insertion site! Watch cute girls insert huge objects into their cunts or asses while the scream of joy! Object Freaks appears to be an object insertion porn site, but it's really just a...
Genre: Extreme object insertion, Fetish
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $57.95Sponsor: Unreal Bank

Penetration ValleyListed: 01/8/06 Penetration Valley 12.18 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

Penetration Valley is a small hardcore porn site with a collection of generic hardcore vids padded by a wad of third party extras and bonus sites, including plugin feeds from Platinum Bucks, Join Right...
Genre: Hardcore Sex, Extreme object insertion
Trial $1.00Monthly $39.95Sponsor: Slick Cash