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Listed on 07/28/06 No. 1 to 50, including Maniac Pass, Las Vegas Candi, VIP Crew, Stripper Street, and Toe Tease.

New Listings 07/28/06

Maniac PassListed: 07/28/06 Maniac Pass UR Network [1 bonus sites]

These guys claim Gigs of ultra fine quality porn never came cheaper! (I guess they haven't checked out...
Genre: Mega Site
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $59.95Sponsor: Cash Maniacs

Las Vegas CandiListed: 07/27/06 Las Vegas Candi 30.20 Estimate Paysite

Las Vegas Candi is an authentic amateur porn site, which is a kind of a double edged sword. Original...
Genre: Amateur sex, Mature
Monthly $19.95Multi-Month $34.95Sponsor: Las Vegas Candi Partners

VIP CrewListed: 07/4/06 VIP Crew 49.43 Estimate Paysite [10 bonus sites]

VIP Crew is a new reality porn site from Nasty Dollars with a gang of horny females swinging their asses to hip...
Genre: Wild party girls, Drunk Girls, Public nudity
Trial $4.95Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Nasty Dollars

Stripper StreetReviewed: 06/27/06 Stripper Street 44.71 Busted Official Paysite

Stripper Street - whispering promises of high quality content of stripper girls - might conjure up images...
Genre: Amateur sex, Reality sex
Trial $2.95Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Sexy City Cash

Toe TeaseListed: 06/23/06 Toe Tease 4.23 Estimate Paysite

Toe Tease is a non corporate-looking foot fetish site from Curvy Cash promising beautiful feet with painted...
Genre: Foot fetish, Hot legs
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Curvy Cash

Spy FootListed: 06/23/06 Spy Foot 50.14 Estimate Paysite

Spy Foot is the home of Felicia, a horny housewife with other horny neighbors who are into having their feet...
Genre: Voyeur sex, Foot fetish
Monthly $21.95Sponsor: Depraved Dollars

Sexy Legs And FeetListed: 06/23/06 Sexy Legs And Feet 20.11 Estimate Paysite

Just looking at Sexy Legs and Feet makes me want to run the other way, seriously. This foot fetish...
Genre: Foot fetish
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.96Sponsor: Sic Cash

Pure FeetListed: 06/23/06 Pure Feet 46.19 Estimate Paysite

Pretty feet pix...fresh polish or au natural...wrinkled soles...high arches...they're all...
Genre: Foot fetish
Monthly $19.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Naughty Niche

Feet DreamerListed: 06/23/06 Feet Dreamer 42.90 Estimate Paysite

If female legs and feet are what makes you really horny, you came to the right place! Feet Dreamer offers...
Genre: Foot fetish
Monthly $24.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Feet Dreamer partners

Bare Feet BabesListed: 06/23/06 Bare Feet Babes 20.77 Estimate Paysite

Bare Feet Babes from Niche Pay is a generic hardcore porn site with a little bit of thighs, toes, high...
Genre: Foot fetish
Trial $2.95Monthly $16.95Sponsor: Niche Pay

Faces of GooListed: 06/23/06 Faces of Goo 18.44 Estimate Paysite

Faces of Goo is a clone facial cumshot site from Traffic Gigolos that belongs to the Movie Passport Network,...
Genre: Facial cum shots, Cum shots, Blow jobs
Trial $5.95Monthly $29.99Sponsor: Traffic Gigolos

Ball HoneysListed: 06/22/06 Ball Honeys 26.53 Estimate Paysite

What does B.A.L.L. Honeys stand for? B stands for Black girls. A stands for Asian girls and L stands for...
Genre: Ethnic porn
Trial $4.95Monthly $23.95Sponsor: Bang Bros

Polish BustyReviewed: 06/10/06 Polish Busty 54.36 Needs Work Official Paysite

Polish Busty aka is a tiny softcore site dedicated to European babes with big hooters. Most of the...
Genre: Big boobs, Soft core porn
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Busty PL Webmasters

Sexy Foot FantasiesListed: 04/1/06 Sexy Foot Fantasies 27.13 Estimate Paysite

Hot babes that love to do it with their bare feet on video! Sexy Foot Fantasies from Spa Cash is what...
Genre: Foot fetish
Trial $1.95Monthly $39.98Sponsor: Spa Cash

Pussyfoot GirlsListed: 03/31/06 Pussyfoot Girls 50.77 Estimate Paysite [1 bonus sites]

Pussyfoot Girls claims to be the biggest and best lesbian foot fetish site on the net and promises full...
Genre: Foot fetish, Lesbian sex
Trial $4.97Monthly $29.97Sponsor: OC Cash

Footjob ModelsListed: 03/31/06 Footjob Models 44.58 Estimate Paysite

Watch our sexy models slide their lovely feet over rock hard cocks! See the spunk coat their skin like...
Genre: Foot fetish, Fetish, Hardcore Sex
Trial $2.95Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Dee Cash

Footjob FootjobListed: 03/31/06 Footjob Footjob 36.21 Estimate Paysite

Footjob Footjob, as silly as it sounds, has a few things going for it, including good-looking 1500+kb/s...
Genre: Foot fetish, Fetish
Trial $2.95Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Dee Cash

True CelebsListed: 03/31/06 True Celebs 19.13 Estimate Paysite

True Celeb is another half-baked celebrity porn site from Traffic Cash Gold that has the exact same members...
Genre: Nude celebrity
Trial $4.95Monthly $36.19Sponsor: Traffic Cash Gold

Roger CelebListed: 03/31/06 Roger Celeb 21.27 Estimate Paysite

From the folks at Traffic Cash Gold comes Roger Celeb, a Mr. Skin look-alike and a clone of Secret Celeb,...
Genre: Nude celebrity
Trial $4.95Monthly $36.19Sponsor: Traffic Cash Gold

See AsiansListed: 03/31/06 See Asians 5.70 Estimate Paysite

If you're into Chinese dolls and Thai honeys, See Asians promises you beauties from all over the East! Famous...
Genre: Asian
Trial $4.95Monthly $39.95Sponsor: Top Bucks

Discount Reality SitesListed: 03/30/06 Discount Reality Sites 39.47 Estimate Network [1 bonus sites]

Discount Reality Sites is a batch of reality porn from Top Bucks featuring sites like Her First...
Genre: Reality sex
Trial $4.95Monthly $39.95Sponsor: Top Bucks

Blow Me LiveListed: 03/30/06 Blow Me Live 5.70 Estimate Paysite

BLOW beautiful ladies of wrestling! Blow Me Live promises 300,000 XXX hardcore photos and 127,000+ videos...
Genre: Hardcore Sex
Trial FreeMonthly $49.95Sponsor: CE Cash

Bare LegsListed: 03/30/06 Bare Legs 23.75 Estimate Paysite

Bare Legs claims to have the largest archive of sultry sexy legged babe images ever collected, but coming from...
Genre: Foot fetish
Trial FreeMonthly $39.95Sponsor: CE Cash

Facial FiascoListed: 03/30/06 Facial Fiasco 28.57 Estimate Paysite

We feature the hottest women getting fucked hard, giving head, hand jobs and even reamed in the ass after...
Genre: Facial cum shots, Blow jobs, Cum shots
Trial $4.95Monthly $39.99Sponsor: Adult Paymaster

Wild SinsListed: 03/29/06 Wild Sins 31.64 Estimate Paysite

Wild Sins promises the most hardcore porn you will ever see!!! Juicy Bucks recently hiked up their rebill...
Genre: Bondage sex, Fetish
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Sweet EveListed: 03/29/06 Sweet Eve 37.30 Estimate Paysite

Hi boys! My name is Eve, and this is my very own website! Inside Sweet Eve, you'll find a small collection of...
Genre: Solo girls, European girls, Teen sex
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Paparazzi FilthListed: 03/29/06 Paparazzi Filth 41.54 Estimate Paysite

If you're in the look out for rare pics and videos of your favorite Celebs, Paparazzi Filth from Juicy...
Genre: Nude celebrity
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

My Naughty WorldListed: 03/29/06 My Naughty World 32.80 Estimate Paysite

My Naughty World is the home of yours truely, Katherine Vervicia. This is a solo girl site wannabe from...
Genre: Solo girls, Amateur sex, Teen sex
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Juicy HoesListed: 03/29/06 Juicy Hoes 36.94 Estimate Paysite

Within this site you will find the nicest girls turned into the dirtiest sluts who will do anything for the...
Genre: Hardcore Sex
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Gold Coast ModelsListed: 03/29/06 Gold Coast Models 30.70 Estimate Paysite

Zoe Christian was virtually unknown in Australia until she graced our members section in June...
Genre: Porn Stars
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Foxxxy MoviesListed: 03/29/06 Foxxxy Movies 30.73 Estimate Paysite

Foxxxy Movies promises hundreds of never before seen full screen DVD quality videos to download. Coming...
Genre: Adult movies
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Filthy TeenagersListed: 03/29/06 Filthy Teenagers 30.44 Estimate Paysite

These sluts are cock craving maniacs still in college! Filthy Teenagers from Juicy Bucks boasts a...
Genre: Teen sex
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Dream TeenagersListed: 03/29/06 Dream Teenagers 44.67 Estimate Paysite

Dream Teenagers is a spanky-looking teen porn site from Juicy Bucks with cute pics of Cynthia, Eve, and...
Genre: Teen sex
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Cartoon WhoreListed: 03/29/06 Cartoon Whore 18.60 Estimate Paysite

Ready to see sweet little girls turn into cartoon whores? Cartoon Whore is a disappointingly small cartoon...
Genre: Anime hentai
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Arse ShaftersListed: 03/29/06 Arse Shafters 35.20 Estimate Paysite

This site is about one thing... Smoking hot girls taking it in the ARSE! We are very proud to bring you...
Genre: Anal sex, Extreme object insertion
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Juicy Bucks

Society SMListed: 03/29/06 Society SM 50.95 Estimate Paysite

SocietySM is all about the Tragic beauty in the helpless faces of its lovely amateur and professional...
Genre: Bondage sex
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $64.95Sponsor: XXX Cum Cash

Perfect SlaveListed: 03/29/06 Perfect Slave 37.34 Estimate Paysite

Tied and Stripped, Naked and Struggling, Helpless and Cumming. These are all very beautiful slaves. Clean,...
Genre: Bondage sex, Bizarre extreme, Fetish
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: XXX Cum Cash

Cum BotsListed: 03/29/06 Cum Bots 52.37 Estimate Paysite

Most of them don't know what to expect when they show up to be fucked by a machine. Cum Bots is a fucking...
Genre: Sex toys, Extreme object insertion, Bizarre extreme
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $54.95Sponsor: XXX Cum Cash

Bondage OrgasmsListed: 03/29/06 Bondage Orgasms 47.72 Estimate Paysite

Bondage Orgasms from XXX Cum Cash is a pretty blood-red looking site, promising weekly updates, crystal...
Genre: Bondage sex
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $54.95Sponsor: XXX Cum Cash

World Party TourListed: 03/29/06 World Party Tour 32.85 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

World Party Tour promises hours and hours of fun and the biggest collection of real girls. That's right....
Genre: Public nudity, Drunk Girls, Wild party girls
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

Toy TeeniesListed: 03/29/06 Toy Teenies 43.27 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

Sexy little sluts playing with their pussies. Toy Teenies is one of Smokin Cash's better non-exclusive sites,...
Genre: Sex toys, Teen sex
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $69.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

Squirting MoviesListed: 03/29/06 Squirting Movies 21.23 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

Hi there, is one of a growing network of exclusive sites. For this site we picked some...
Genre: Squirting pussy, Adult movies
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $69.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

Smokin HDListed: 03/29/06 Smokin HD 41.70 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

Is your hard drive ready to be loaded with gigs of quality hardcore movies? Smokin HD from Smokin Cash is a...
Genre: Adult movies
Trial $4.95Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

My Ex GirlfriendzListed: 03/29/06 My Ex Girlfriendz 52.01 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

Welcome to the website where the bitches that fucked up mine and my friends heart get exposed ! They...
Genre: Amateur sex, Hardcore Sex
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $69.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

Lesbo FeverListed: 03/29/06 Lesbo Fever 44.69 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

In my quest of seeking the lesbo side of woman i decided to talk with Katty, one of my many horny friends....
Genre: Lesbian sex
Monthly $29.95Multi-Month $69.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

Amazing BlowjobListed: 03/29/06 Amazing Blowjob 23.55 Estimate Paysite [6 bonus sites]

The hottest chicks sucking dicks like lolipops and they love it when you shoot your load on their cute...
Genre: Blow jobs
Monthly $29.95Sponsor: Smokin Cash

Stacey StylezListed: 03/29/06 Stacey Stylez 43.97 Estimate Paysite

Stacey Stylez is an 18 year old Southern girl originally from Texas with short blonde hair and a petite...
Genre: Solo girls, Amateur sex
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Crazy Bank

Girly BusListed: 03/29/06 Girly Bus 38.99 Estimate Paysite

Hot and horny teens get picked up for the ride of their life! Girly Bus promises a bus-packed ride full of...
Genre: Amateur sex, Hardcore Sex
Monthly $24.95Sponsor: Crazy Bank

Deija VuListed: 03/29/06 Deija Vu 47.14 Estimate Paysite

Deija Vu is the home of sexy 18 year old Puerto Rican who loves to party. Deija's chocolate skin, tight bod and...
Genre: Solo girls, Latina sex
Monthly $24.95Multi-Month $49.95Sponsor: Crazy Bank

Crazy PutasListed: 03/29/06 Crazy Putas 13.12 Estimate Paysite

Me gusta quitarme la ropa, me vuelve loca!! Crazy Putas from Crazy Bank features sexy chicas like Carolina,...
Genre: Latina sex, Hardcore Sex
Monthly $9.95Sponsor: Crazy Bank